Max Cooper Emergence AV Live

Have you heard of Max Cooper? 
We have been a fan and supporter of Max Cooper since discovery. At that time, he was just starting his Emergence project, roughly four years ago. But what is the Emergence project? Well, if you know Max Cooper, he is extremely interested in combining science, music and visual arts as a finished product with his process of sound design, collaboration with other artists and constantly pushing ideas to the limit. The result, a live AV show, which then turned into a full album and to close the project, a surround sound movie format of Emergence for you all to enjoy.

“This chapter comes towards the end of the Emergence story, after all of the physical world around us has been established by following through the action of the simple building blocks of nature. I wanted to finish the LP with the progression left open-ended, the laws of nature being unbounded and any particular consequences impermanent and ever changing.” – Max Cooper

You can purchase his music here >>> Emergence Album

Max Cooper at Neuehouse Hollywood
We had the pleasure to experience the Emergence AV show last year at Public Works in San Francisco. A great venue to showcase artists in many formats. And this year, we visited the Neuehouse in Hollywood thanks to Restless Nites and Max’s team. We arrived just in time to see Max’s start of the show from a long drive through LA traffic, yes we hit traffic believe it or not. Along with a pleasant ambiance, lighting and sound, we fell into the abyss of Max Cooper and unplugged from reality for a couple hours.

The Abyss
Max’s story starts as a pre-big bang to further progress to future, with each chapter a collaboration with a visual artist. The consulting and collaboration with mathematicians or scientists were used for more of the “real data” visualizations. The goal was to have plenty of variation which tends to be more abstract than interesting, but also linking them together as a whole.

“…the project is my own interpretation of the modern scientific story, told through visual art and music, with a focus on those ideas that I find most interesting and revealing. “ – Max Cooper

To get all the info on Emergence, check out the main page here.